Corporate Governance

The Board of Musgrave Minerals Limited (“the Company”) believes that high standards of Corporate Governance are an essential prerequisite for creating sustainable value for Shareholders.  Below are the Company’s key corporate governance practices and policies which are aimed to ensure the implementation of a strategic business plan and an integrated framework of accountability over the Company’s resources, functions and assets.

The Company’s current corporate governance framework uses the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principles and Recommendations as a reference.

2020 Corporate Governance Statement

2021_MGV Audit Committee Charter

2021_MGV Board Charter review

2021_MGV Code of Conduct

2021_MGV Continuous Disclosure Policy

2021_MGV Risk Management Policy

2021_MGV Alcohol & Other Drugs Management Plan

2021_MGV Policy for Induction of Directors

2021_MGV Diversity Policy

2021_MGV_Environment Policy

2021_MGV_Health and Safety Policy

2021_MGV Shareholder Communication Policy

2021_MGV_Indigenous Peoples Policy

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy

Employee Option Plan


2021_MGV Whistleblower Protection Policy

Securities Trading Policy